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I am working on getting a bunch of stuff listed and posted with pictures and will list the various webpages of items below. As always, I am open to offers so if there is something you are interested in, send me an email at mdpetri27@hotmail.com

List of various RPG stuff for sale

Most of the links below are terribly out of date. My current working list of D&D stuff from all editions (1st to 5e) is in the text file here: Current D&D List.

HeroQuest Stuff

Click Here: Bunch of Milton Bradley HeroQuest Stuff

The links below are out of date - will try to update soon

TSR Stuff

Click Here: Lots of TSR Stuff
I have about another 100 modules or so to add including stuff from:

TSR stuff still in original shrink

Click Here: TSR Stuff in Shrink!

Games Workshop Stuff

Click Here: GW Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000 40K
Includes core sets from Warhammer 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th edition, 40K 2nd edition and Dark Millennium, lots of old metal figures and some table ready armies.

Various RPG magazines

Click Here: RPG magazines
Magazines such as Dragon magazine, Dungeon magazine, White Dwarf, White Wolf, Challenger, Scrye, Duellist, lots of other smaller press magazines, some UK magazines, etc.

I am also working on getting a bunch of other other RPGs I have listed and pictured including lots of:

Also working on a list of Dungeons & Dragons D20 and 4e books and Paizo Pathfinder.


The buyer is of course responsible for paying shipping from Canada and any taxes or duties incurred by shipping across the border. I will package items with cardboard in padded envelopes or in boxes so that they are not damaged. Canada Post will be used for shipping and you can look up the rates at www.canadapost.ca

For inquiries and offers send me email at mdpetri27@hotmail.com

Here are some pictures of some vintage Armory dice I have for sale:
Dice pic 1
Dice pic 2
Dice pic 3 (same as pic 1 but camera in different mode)
Dice pic 4 (same as pic 1 but camera in different mode)
Dice pic 5
Dice pic 6
These have now sold but I like the pictures so will leave them up for now.